Emojii World

Terms of Usage

As part of the conditions to license this product, the instrumental, by itself, remains under the sole ownership of the Emojii brand. By adding vocals or making changes in any way to the instrumental provided, you are creating a new derivative work which, if all criteria mentioned below is met, you will be permitted to profit off of said work.

You are allowed to profit from the derivative work through royalties, digital sales, and steams via Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and all other streaming/downloading platforms as long as the four conditions mentioned below are met:

  • You pay the required licensing fee posted on the Emojii World website to properly license the song, or have a fee waiver granted to you by the owner of the copyrighted material, David Lomax.
  • Upon completion of the derivative work, through your preforming rights organization, you must attribute half of the total publishing share of said work to David Lomax Publishing (ASCAP id: 822397726) and half of the total writers share of said derivative work to David E Lomax (ASCAP id: 602143403).
  • You agree to use Distrokid.com as your sole aggregator to distribute this derivative work to all digital stores and streaming/downloading platforms.
  • Once the derivative work is submitted through Distrokid, you must attribute 50% of the revenue share to the Emojii Brand. This can be done by going to the “teams” section of your account, selecting the said derivative work you submitted through them, adding a new member and assigning 50% to the email address [email protected]

If all the conditions mentioned above are not met, you do not have approval to profit off of the said derivative work through means of royalties, digital sales, streams and/or downloads or any other way, shape or form. If any profit does accrue from an unapproved derivative work, David Lomax, the owner of the original work, shall be awarded 100% ownership and 100% of all profits from the said work.

By using this instrumental for profit, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the terms of this agreement. Failure to comply with these terms may result in legal action.